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Wow Talks Women in Tech

Wow Talks Flagship London event ‘Women in Tech’ was held at the Royal Geographic Society last month and we had the pleasure of being invited along in collaboration with DevelopHer, one of the sponsors of the event.

The event focused on inspiring young women in the world of technology and offering an opportunity to learn about all the exciting career opportunities in tech. This included hands on workshops, thought-provoking talks and helpful mentoring from people in the know. 400 teenage girls were in attendance and the atmosphere was electric (not all due to the amount of technology on display!).

DevelopHer organised the mentoring sessions at Wow Talks 'Women in Tech'. DevelopHer ‘are a non-profit community dedicated to bringing women together to drive opportunities, develop confidence and create a network of support through events, networking and learning.’ The importance of beginning this mission with teenage girls is enormous and what an opportunity to be able to talk to girls about careers in technology whilst they are still deciding upon their career paths.

We used an AwesomeWall to engage these young women, dare I say it, the ‘selfie-taking-generation’, and to demonstrate how technology is integral to their everyday lives. A job in technology doesn’t have to mean becoming a coder; there are hundreds of ever growing opportunities to work in technology.

AwesomeWall social media feed at Wow Talks

AwesomeWall was a fun and educational addition to the event. We tracked the hashtags #wowtalks and #wowtalkswit and encouraged attendees to post their pics on the big screen. As ever, it was a great way to get people talking on social media about the event and awesome immediate gratification of seeing your face on the screen for the guests.

A huge thank you to Wow Talks and to DevelopHer for inviting us along to an inspiring event.

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