The yays and nays of personalised wedding hashtags

As we start hurtling towards the Summer months, wedding season is almost here. Amongst finalising the flowers, dress fittings and seating plans, lots of couples will also be considering their wedding hashtag.

According to 50% of couples use a personalised hashtag for their wedding. So why should we, or shouldn't we create our own wedding hashtags?

We've put together a few yays and nays of the wedding hashtag to see if it really is worth spending an evening squishing your names together in fifty different combinations to create your own unique hashtag for your big day.


  • It's an awesome way to see your wedding from different viewpoints. You'll get to see candid photos of family and friends taken with love.
  • You can instantly look back on your day. Reminisce with your new husband or wife as you jet off on your honeymoon and scroll through hundreds of photos of your day the very next day!
  • Capture your entire wedding journey. If you pick a hashtag early on, you can capture the moments from your engagement party, through saying yes to the dress to the day itself.
  • Friends and family who can't attend can follow along online and send their own well wishes.
  • You could go a step further by having a social media wall at your venue and creating a fun, interactive piece for your guests ;)


  • By encouraging your guests to post on social media, you won't always be able to vet which pics of you and your new hubby/wife appear and you could end up with an unflattering snap of you on the dance floor popping up on your friends' news feeds.
  • If you want an intimate and private affair, the hashtag is probably not for you as those photos on social media can be seen by everyone.
  • Guests might miss out on a special moment as they sit constructing a Facebook post or Tweet. You may want them to be there in the moment not attached to a phone. Some couples are opting for an 'unplugged' wedding.

If you do opt for the wedding hashtag there are some great ideas about how to craft your unique hashtag at As well as loads of cute ideas for displaying your hashtag.

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