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Halo, The Internets, Cats

Halo, The Internets, Cats

It was a cold and dreary night in April 2011 as Syd and Tom sat in their respective homes playing Halo and conversing casually about the birds and the bees, the meaning of life, cats and the internet. “By Jove!” cried Tom all of a sudden “I think I’ve got it. What if we made it super simple for people to find pictures of cats on the internet and put all of the pictures in one place for people to see?!” and search instagram were born and four years later, with just a few things happening in-between, we are super excited to launch AwesomeWall 2.0.

Search Instagram

Since that fateful night, search instagram has had over 4,000,000 unique users, searching for 70,000 different hashtags with victoriabeckham being the most popular search term!

Search instagram was ticking along quite nicely with bored internet users spending hours of their lives looking at cats, searching for images of goats or former Spice Girls. Then in the Summer or 2012, Intel got in touch. They wanted to use search instagram on a big screen at Outsidelands Festival in San Francisco. We created a massive wall showing instagram images tagged with #inteloutside. This was our very first AwesomeWall (then known as instawall).

social media wall for Intel

AwesomeWall 1.0

We launched AwesomeWall 1.0 in May 2013 the year our Chief Crayola Operator joined the wmas team and he was tasked with turning the #notsosnazzy #wearenotdesingers instawall website into a smart new #boomyeahwehaveadesigner AwesomeWall site.

Since then, AwesomeWall has partied at Glastonbury Festival; helped save Ministry of Sound; showed fans’ support for their UEFA Champions League team; strutted its stuff at London Fashion Week; and cheered on Froch and Groves at Wembley Stadium. What started as a fun way to search for cats on Instagram has, bizarrely, become the de facto way to get fans involved at events.

Social Media Wall

We have been beavering away behind the scenes to take AwesomeWall to the next level and create the super awesome AwesomeWall 2.0. The site now offers a self-service system whereby you can create your very own personalised AwesomeWall with just a few clicks; no other humans nor monkeys required!

AwesomeWall 2.0

We’re now offering you three versions of AwesomeWall all suitable for either the web or a big screen:

  1. Our basic AwesomeWall is a simple instagram feed, customised with your chosen colours, fonts and logo.

  2. Our standard AwesomeWall and the one which those of you who have contacted us before and said “Hey I want an AwesomeWall” will have received after our developer monkeys (affectionately known as Syd and Paul) have performed various tricks and mashed some buttons in order to provide for you, is now available as a self-service system.

    This type of wall can pull content from various social media platforms including instagram, facebook, twitter and vine; it offers you a super user friendly moderation system so you can choose which posts appear on your wall and is fully customizable.

  3. We also offer you the advanced AwesomeWall which is any form of AwesomeWall you can dream up.

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AwesomeWall is a tool that allows you to pull in user generated content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine into any website or screen.

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