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Successful UGC campaigns and how you can re-create them

Everybody knows the benefits of creating fresh, useful and engaging content but it can be time consuming and exhausting creating brand new content which is on the mark for your target audience. This is where user generated content can help you. Whether you’re a giant company like Starbucks, or a small independent coffee shop in a leafy town you can use social media and UGC to publicize your brand and show your customers that you care. Here are 3 successful UGC campaigns with a little explanation of why we like them and how you might be able to re-create »

The yays and nays of personalised wedding hashtags

As we start hurtling towards the Summer months, wedding season is almost here. Amongst finalising the flowers, dress fittings and seating plans, lots of couples will also be considering their wedding hashtag. According to 50% of couples use a personalised hashtag for their wedding. So why should we, or shouldn't we create our own wedding hashtags? We've put together a few yays and nays of the wedding hashtag to see if it really is worth spending an evening squishing your names together in fifty different combinations to create your own unique hashtag for your big day. Yays It's »

Working Remotely

It’s great having the option to sit in your pyjamas tapping away at your laptop to earn your daily bread. However, it’s not the reason we at AwesomeWallhq/We Make Awesome Sh work remotely and neither is it all quite so peachy but we have found a few tools to help us along the way and for us, most of the time, it works. We work remotely for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it allows us to work from wherever we want in the world. Currently we have someone in New York, two people in Austria, one in »

The origin of the hashtag or octothorp(e)

Every Friday in our virtual office (Slack), Paul, one of our developers, likes to share a new word with us. A few weeks ago, his Friday word was octothorpe which, ultimately, is another word for this symbol #. Paul informed us that “one of the potential etymologies of the word is ‘In cartography, [the octothorp] is a traditional symbol for village: eight fields around a central square. That is the source of its name. Octothorp means eight fields. (From octo- ‎(“eight”) and thorpe ‎(“field, hamlet or small village”).’ Happy with my new word and thoroughly enjoying the etymology of it, I »

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