Wow Talks // Women In Tech

Wow Talks Flagship London event ‘Women in Tech’ was held at the Royal Geographic Society last month and we had the pleasure of being invited along in collaboration with DevelopHer, one of the sponsors of the event. The event focused on inspiring young women in the world of technology and offering an opportunity to learn about all the exciting career opportunities in tech. This included hands on workshops, thought-provoking talks and helpful mentoring from people in the know. 400 teenage girls were in attendance and the atmosphere was electric (not all due to the amount of technology on display!). DevelopHer »

Muddy Milestones

There are certain events throughout the year which we participate in annually and use as mile stones, or check points to look back and review how the company is doing and how the product is evolving. Glastonbury Festival is one such event. We first rocked up to the Silver Hayes area at Glastonbury Festival three years ago. The lovely Sally Freeman, Head of Press and Digital at Silver Hayes, asked us along to display our social media feed on the giant screens around Silver Hayes. At the time we only made custom, on request AwesomeWalls which would take our coding »

The yays and nays of personalised wedding hashtags

As we start hurtling towards the Summer months, wedding season is almost here. Amongst finalising the flowers, dress fittings and seating plans, lots of couples will also be considering their wedding hashtag. According to weddingwire.com 50% of couples use a personalised hashtag for their wedding. So why should we, or shouldn't we create our own wedding hashtags? We've put together a few yays and nays of the wedding hashtag to see if it really is worth spending an evening squishing your names together in fifty different combinations to create your own unique hashtag for your big day. Yays It's »

London Fashion Week big screen AwesomeWall

In 1983 the British Fashion Council was founded and the first edition of London Fashion Week took place in February 1984. 30 years later, and London Fashion Week is still one of the ‘big four’ fashion events alongside Milan, Paris and New York. Last year, The British Fashion Council got in touch seeking a way to display social media posts at the event. They wanted a solution which didn’t require someone being tied to a moderation system, approving posts all week but which generated appropriate and exciting posts for all to see. They had screens at Somerset House where »

How we made a social wall at Glastonbury Festival

If you donned your wellies, got your groove on and attended Glastonbury Festival this year then you might have spotted a social media feed being displayed on the giant screens in and around the Silver Hayes area. You might even have been cajoled into sharing your #silverhayes images and seen your slightly muddy festival mugshot on the screen in front of you - yeay you’re famous and you’ve just become a part of an interactive art piece at Glastonbury Festival. These social media walls were displayed all morning before the first acts performed, in between acts and then »

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AwesomeWall is a tool that allows you to pull in user generated content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine into any website or screen.

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