Know how to code? Here's how to make the most of your AwesomeWall account

How to control the number of columns on your AwesomeWall

Our 'off the shelf' AwesomeWall product is fully responsive, and so it sets different column numbers by default depending on the device. However, recently we've found that more people want control over how many columns of images are shown on their AwesomeWall at different screen sizes. This is easy to achieve using the Custom HTML option; a feature for users with a bit of coding know-how. Step One Open your AwesomeWall admin area Step Two Add the following code into the Custom HTML box: <style> /* Wide desktop sizes */ @media (min-width: 1400px) { .masonry-brick { width: 16.66%; } // 6 columns } /* Medium »

How to use custom fonts with your AwesomeWall

We've recently launched custom HTML for your AwesomeWall, where quite simply, you can simply and easily add your own custom html to the AwesomeWall. This is a feature for more advanced users. Using custom HTML we can now easily add our own custom font to the AwesomeWall. Step One - Upload Font You need to upload your custom font somewhere. We've uploaded one here: Step Two - Add Custom HTML You need to add some custom HTML, you can do this via the AwesomeWall admin area. Here's an example. <style> »

Introducing our new JavaScript plugin

We've had a few requests recently from design agencies and developers who want to use AwesomeWall on client websites. But they need the AwesomeWall to blend in to the website and do something a little bit different. So they need to fully customise the design. Our design customisation system is great, but it doesn't let you customise everything quite as easily as writing CSS does... That is, if you understand how to write CSS. This then leads us on to the question, why not just write your own AwesomeWall system? The answer is quite simple really, we've spent the past »

How to use the AwesomeWall API

The Advanced AwesomeWall accounts have access to the AwesomeWall API. Using the API you can completely create your own display method for AwesomeWall, or use data in a way that you wish. There are 3 main API end points: Posts fetch endpoint Single post endpoint Tag battle endpoint As always, if you want the API to do anything else, please get in touch with your representative, we're always looking to improve the API. Post fetch endpoint This is used to fetch all the posts that have been aggregated by your AwesomeWall account. Endpoint{{account_key} »

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AwesomeWall is a tool that allows you to pull in user generated content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine into any website or screen.

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