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Sentiment Analysis

Using social media for your business is an awesome tool but it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Here we are, promising to put all the chatter about your business in one place for you to do with as you please but what if that’s too much?

Our new sentiment analysis tool for all standard account users can help. Ultimately, it sifts through all your posts and attributes it a score. The more positive the score, the more positive the sentiment of the post.

We have offered sentiment analysis to some of our advanced users before, but we were recently interviewed about it all for Microsoft's Developer Blog and it got us thinking that this is a tool which would be useful for everyone.

Now, when you sign up for a standard or advanced AwesomeWall account, you will see a sentiment analysis score for every post in your moderation panel and you can even order the posts according to their sentiment. This makes your life a little easier when it comes to moderation. Your most positive posts will appear at the top for your approval. This still gives you full control over which posts you want to appear on your wall; it just offers you a little helping hand.

For those of you with still too many posts to sort through and not enough time to moderate fresh content, we’ve taken it a step further. Using our SmartModeration system, you can even pre-approve or pre-remove posts with a certain sentiment. So you may decide that any post with a positive rating of 10 or more can automatically appear on your wall, whereas a post with negative 10 or below will be automatically removed from your moderation panel. Allowing your customers to see positive, fresh realtime content on your website without you even having to click a button.

We want you to promote your best customer reviews, reactions and experiences but without you having to be locked behind a computer the whole time, and at the same time keeping control over the content you use to promote your business.

Sign up for a free trial account to see how it works.

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