Muddy Milestones

There are certain events throughout the year which we participate in annually and use as mile stones, or check points to look back and review how the company is doing and how the product is evolving.

Glastonbury Festival is one such event.

We first rocked up to the Silver Hayes area at Glastonbury Festival three years ago. The lovely Sally Freeman, Head of Press and Digital at Silver Hayes, asked us along to display our social media feed on the giant screens around Silver Hayes. At the time we only made custom, on request AwesomeWalls which would take our coding monkeys at least a few days to mash together. AwesomeWall was displayed on the screens around the Sonic Stage that year, run from an old laptop hidden backstage.

Check out the shenanigans of our first year at Glasto here.

Last year, we returned and tested our brand new self-service system. This system didn't require our coding monkeys to spend hours setting it up; any Tom, Dick, Harry or Sophie could set up the walls with the Silver Hayes branding.

Read more about last year's festival..

For the third year running, we donned our wellies for the muddiest Glastonbury yet. Always wanting to evolve AwesomeWall and be bigger and better each time, this year we took our 'AwesomeWall in a box product' to test in the toughest terrain we know.

Instead of powering AwesomeWall from a clunky computer or laptop which both take up precious space backstage, we used micro computers plugged into the back of each of the screens. Discreet and extremely portable, our AwesomeWall boxes ran a smooth social media feed throughout the five day festival on three sets of screens: Sonic Stage, Pussy Parlure and the Silver Hayes back stage bar.

Once again our mobile SmartModeration worked like a dream enabling us to monitor the feed from anywhere and allowing us to enjoy the festival at our leisure.

It's great to test new features in an unpredictable environment where the internet is patchy, the weather is capricious and the audience is mammoth. AwesomeWall has passed a number of tests and this muddy milestone is one of the most vigorous (and fun!).

Non-work highlights this year included fancy bell tent accommodation (thanks Red Sky tents), glittery faces, Art Garfunkel and Craig David.

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