Introducing our new JavaScript plugin

We've had a few requests recently from design agencies and developers who want to use AwesomeWall on client websites. But they need the AwesomeWall to blend in to the website and do something a little bit different. So they need to fully customise the design.

Our design customisation system is great, but it doesn't let you customise everything quite as easily as writing CSS does... That is, if you understand how to write CSS.

This then leads us on to the question, why not just write your own AwesomeWall system? The answer is quite simple really, we've spent the past 4 years refining the AwesomeWall system, including the moderation system with it's smart moderation tools. There are also quite a lot of egde cases that you might not consider when building your own from scratch, such as "what happens if someone deleted the post from Instagram". This is why more and more agencies are approaching us to include AwesomeWall in their sites.

Our new JavaScript plugin makes it SUPER EASY to create your own social media aggregator for websites and web pages.

You simply include the JavaScript plugin and the default CSS file:

<link rel='stylesheet' href=''>  
<script src=''></script>  

Once you've done that, it's time to initialise the AwesomeWall. So, let's say you've got an element with id posts that you want to fill with your AwesomeWall.

var aw = new AwesomeWall('posts', {  
  key: '{{key}}', // your unique account key
  count: 5, // the number of posts to display
  mode: 'static', // display mode, options: static, fade, flipX, flipY
  type: 'image', // type to display, (options: all, image, text, video [or comma separated])
  featuredOnly: false, // only show the approved posts?

And that's all there is to it! You can customise the default CSS however you like.

Want to reinitialise at any point? Maybe you want to change the number of posts to display if the screen is resized? Well you can do that too!

  count: 10


Sign in to your account, go to your display settings, and click on the "Advanced Plugin" option to find out more and start integrating AwesomeWall into your sites today!

There are a few simple css classes that you can modify at will:

.awesomewall-post, .awesomewall-caption, .awesomewall-user, .awesomewall-username, .awesomewall-avatar, .awesomewall-resolver

If you use our JavaScript plugin, make sure you let us know what you create with it, we love seeing what you make!

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