The Instagram API changes and what it means to you

You might have read recently that Instagram are changing their API to make it more restrictive, and many of you are asking us how this affects you and your Instagram feeds.

Rest assured AwesomeWall customers, as we are pleased to announce that after submitting our application, Instagram has approved AwesomeWall for full use of their API under the new review guidelines.

Last November, Instagram announced that every new app created on the Instagram Platform will start in Sandbox mode. Any existing apps could continue to use the old Instagram API until 1st June 2016. Instagram invited all developers to submit an application for review and approval to fully access all live Instagram content.

With our approval, this means that AwesomeWall will continue to function as awesomely as ever and that you, our clients, will be unaffected by the change. Woop Woop!

We are proud to have been working with Facebook and Instagram since 2011 and look forward to our continued working relationship.

If you are using a similar service that has been affected by these changes, give AwesomeWall a shot, we are here to help!

With us, you are in awesome hands.

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