How to use the AwesomeWall API

The Advanced AwesomeWall accounts have access to the AwesomeWall API. Using the API you can completely create your own display method for AwesomeWall, or use data in a way that you wish.

There are 3 main API end points:

As always, if you want the API to do anything else, please get in touch with your representative, we're always looking to improve the API.

Post fetch endpoint

This is used to fetch all the posts that have been aggregated by your AwesomeWall account.


Optional URL params

Param Value Comment
featured_only boolean (default: true) only fetch approved posts
type string (default: image,text,video) choose what type of content to appear
pp int (default: 100) number of posts per page
query string (default: null) only get posts matching a query
ignore_query string (default: null) ignore posts matching the query
callback string (default: null) used for jsonp

Example response

Points to note

Only fetch from the API a maximum of once every 30 seconds, cache the results on your server, abuse of the system will increase the cost of the package.

To adhere to the terms of service of the original sources you must show an icon for the service that the post has come from (twitter, instagram, etc). You must also link back to the original post on twitter, instagram, etc

Single post endpoint

This is used to get more information about a single post using the post id


Optional URL params

Param Value Comment
callback string (default: null) used for jsonp

Tag battle endpoint

Used to compare the number of posts between two separate hashtags


Example response

  x: 104314,
  y: 13211,
  x_pct: 88.8,
  y_pct: 11.2

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