How to use custom fonts with your AwesomeWall

Custom Fonts

We've recently launched custom HTML for your AwesomeWall, where quite simply, you can simply and easily add your own custom html to the AwesomeWall. This is a feature for more advanced users.

Using custom HTML we can now easily add our own custom font to the AwesomeWall.

Step One - Upload Font

You need to upload your custom font somewhere. We've uploaded one here:

Step Two - Add Custom HTML

You need to add some custom HTML, you can do this via the AwesomeWall admin area.

Here's an example.

        font-family: 'MyWebFont';
        src: url('') format('truetype')
    body *{font-family:MyWebFont}


It's so so simple...

We're here, to make your life easier.

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