SmartModeration what is it?

Here at AwesomeWall we try to make your lives easier. One of the ways we do this, is to make the moderation system as easy to use as possible.

We know what it's like to wade through thousands of posts to try and find the ones you want to approve, and the posts you want to delete. This process can take a long time and might keep you locked behind your laptop forever... Eurgh, no one wants to do that.

That's why we've made our moderation system super simple.

And it's now even better than before. We have a shiny, new SmartModeration system in place!

Text Search

While moderating posts on your social media feed, you can now search for specific posts by username or caption. Perhaps you know a certain somebody has posted and you want to make sure that post gets approved right away. Well now it's even easier to find.


We've also added our very own SmartModeration system.

You can now have blacklisted words, and we even have a suggested list of them if you want or you can create your own. This means that any post containing any of the banned words will no longer enter the system. They won't appear on any AwesomeWall and they will no longer be visible in the moderation system itself.

This is just one step further towards making moderating user generated content as easy as possible.

Visit the smart moderation filters on your account now.

Overall our moderation system now consists of:

  • SmartModeration filters

    • Pre-approved people
    • Blacklisted words
  • Moderation filters

    • Post type
    • Social Network
    • Hashtag
    • Approved only
    • Unapproved only
    • Search username
    • Search text
  • Mobile Moderation

We're listening to you, our customers and trying to save you guys as much time and stress as possible.

But of course, you don't have to use any moderation at all with AwesomeWall, you could just let any old Dick & Harry through.

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