Embed an AwesomeWall on your Facebook Page

I have to admit, I'm personally not a huge fan of Facebook Page Tabs. They don't have anywhere near as much usage as they used to. Years ago, with the first version of AwesomeWall, we had the ability to add it as a Facebook Page Tab.

Well, we've now added this support back in. You can, once again, embed your AwesomeWall on a Facebook page.

The AwesomeWall styling is the Web View, so it keeps your style and branding, but can now be used inside Facebook itself.

You can easily connect your Facebook page to your AwesomeWall account by clicking on the button on your Account page.

Check it out on our Facebook page and while you're there, feel free to give us a like :D

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AwesomeWall is a tool that allows you to pull in user generated content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine into any website or screen.

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