AwesomeWall HQ Visits South Korea

Meet Daniel and Mike from JetArrow South Korea (the smart ones on the left):

For the past six months they have been beavering away selling AwesomeWalls in the East. After some great successes, we decided it was time to meet these Awesome Dudes face to face and not just through a webcam. So we packed our suitcases and jumped on a couple of flights to South Korea.

First stop... Korean BBQ

When we weren't eating yummy Korean food, we had an opportunity to see how business works in South Korea and to see AwesomeWall in action.

Firstly, we learnt that the custom of exchanging business cards is very important. Whenever you meet someone new in business, you exchange cards. It must be with two hands, the card must be facing the recipient (so they can read it), you say your name and give a small bow. This is a great way to avoid the awkward sweaty hand shake and to know who everyone is around the room as you place their business cards in front of you during a meeting.

Thanks to Daniel and Mike and their JetArrow crew, we learnt a lot about the culture and market in Korea.

We took a break from the meetings and super hot sunshine with a refreshing iced coffee in the Movember cafe where there happened to be an AwesomeWall projected on the back wall.

This was a great example of a small business using a social media wall. Customers could take a photo and upload it with #movember to see their smiling faces displayed in the cafe. They used the single post view to see each picture and text clearly. We think it looks pretty awesome and were mesmerized by it as we sipped our coffees.

Another awesome use of the tool was at the Hanwha Eagles Baseball match. We got a sneak peak before the game began. Hanwha Eagles are using AwesomeWall, not only to create an awesome buzz around the stadium, but also to run a competition. They encourage fans to post their most valuable player on social media. The player with the most votes is awarded the title and one lucky fan who posted about that MVP is randomly selected to meet their player on the pitch and the player reads out their post from the AwesomeWall.

It turns out our timing couldn't have been better as we were in South Korea during Buddha's birthday so there were many celebrations going on throughout the city. We also had the privilege of attending the Beautiful Mint Life Festival in Seoul. This festival had a lovely relaxed vibe and is a beautiful (pardon the pun) festival. These guys were using AwesomeWall on their big screens in between acts to great effect.

We had an awesome time in South Korea. It was a pleasure to meet the dudes at JetArrow and to confirm some exciting plans with them for the future. We celebrated our business deal with a little soju and some noraebang (Korean karaoke). Thanks for having us JetArrow.

Keep an eye on our case studies page to find out more about the use of AwesomeWall in Asia and check back on our blog to hear about more exiting JetArrow/AwesomeWall news.

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