Add custom posts directly to your AwesomeWall

As we know, AwesomeWall is a super easy way to collate all social content around a specific topic and that's really awesome.

The problem with this, is that it excludes any "anti-social" person. You know the ones; the people who refuse to join social networks. This means that they are totally excluded from your campaign, competition or content curation.

Well not anymore! From the standard AW web view, people can now upload content directly into your feed. As always, they can still be moderated before they go public. But now everyone can be included and involved in your feed.

This also means that you can add posts directly onto your wall without going through a social media channel.

Custom post uploads are available via:

  • Our standard web view
  • The moderation panel; admins can easily add custom uploads
  • For the more advanced users, custom uploads is also available via the JS plugin and even the API.

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AwesomeWall is a tool that allows you to pull in user generated content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine into any website or screen.

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