8 reasons to have a social media wall at your next event

Today everyone is on social media, everyone’s posting pictures and telling their friends, colleagues and the rest of the world how awesome their life is. From wedding planners, to conference organisers, a social media wall is the best way to utilize a tool that all your guests will be using anyway. Here’s a few reasons why a social media wall for your event is an awesome idea:

1. An ice breaker/fun

ice breaker We love to see ourselves on the big screen, to have our five seconds of fame, to have our moment in the limelight right? Well some of us do, and those of us who don’t, love to laugh at those people pulling ridiculous faces and fighting for fame, we’re able to make a snide remark about show offs and smile into our cup of coffee or glass of champagne (drink of choice depends on type of event and budget).

Encouraging your attendees to take a fun selfie is a great way to create a bit of a buzz at the beginning of your event or during any ‘dead time’. It could also be an awesome way to introduce attendees. As your guests arrive, get them to take a picture, add their name in a comment or hold up a sign and use your hashtag so their mug shot appears on your screens. Advertise your guests and speakers in this way to help them with their networking.

2. Display Content from your Sponsors and Exhibitors

Your sponsors will love it when you can seamlessly integrate their message and branding into a social media wall in line with user generated content. Offer them more opportunities to advertise in a non intrusive way.

If you’re running a trade show, your exhibitors can shout about their stalls and products without the need for a megaphone or hiring the guy from the fruit and veg stall at your local market. Let them show your attendees where they are and what their selling.

3. Event branding and messaging

Link your social media wall up to your Twitter and Instagram accounts and show your attendees your message, ethos and branding. You can style an AwesomeWall social media feed with your brand's colours and fonts too to make it unique and visually appealing.

4. Event Marketing

Let this year’s attendees be your advert for next year. By encouraging your guests to post on social media with your hashtag, their friends and colleagues will hear about your event. The user generated content you create from your event can be used in promotional materials in the future. Create a buzz on social media with your own unique hashtag.

5. Engage Visual Learners

cat visual learner

65% of the population are visual learners. They take in information with their eyes which includes looking at images, charts or reading text. Engage this proportion of your attendees by giving them something exciting to look at. AwesomeWall runs in real time so your social media wall will be ever changing and once you’ve branded it with your own style, it will be a great visual at your event.

6. For a Q&A session

Use a social media wall to get a Q&A session going. Ask your attendees to Tweet/Facebook their questions and display them behind your speaker or panel for everyone to see. Get people outside your event engaged in your Q&A session and post responses back on social media. It’s also a great way to ensure you don’t get that tumbleweed moment when you ask your live audience for any questions!

7. Gather feedback without the need for a survey or questionnaire

Want to find out what people think of your event or how you can improve next time? Once you’ve seeded your unique hashtag, your guests will probably take to social media to tell you what they think anyway. Or you can ask them directly for their feedback by tweeting the questions you want answered.

The feedback you receive is another great advocate for your event and the good news is that you can moderate your responses so you show the best feedback on the big screens and on your website.

8. Key updates and information

Use your social media wall to tell your attendees about key updates and information. Link your social media feed up to your Twitter account and post important messages about your latest speakers, timings, venues etc. You can also draw attention to a specific event or activity that you want a big audience for.

Whatever your event, a social media wall is an awesome way to engage your guests and market your yourself at the same time. Speak to us about how to use AwesomeWall at your next event.

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