1D Instagram Questions 'The Wall'

One Direction's 'Take Me Home' Tour featured Twitter Questions. Fans were invited to tweet questions for the boys which would be displayed and answered during their show. It was a great success.

The next year though, for their 'Where We Are' tour, they wanted to continue the idea but do something a bit more awesome.. So who you gonna call? AwesomeWall!

This time, the boys wanted to pimp it up a bit by showing videos of their fans actually asking the questions. 1D followers were invited to Instagram creative, funny and exciting videos of themselves posing a question with the hashtag 1DTourUK or #1DTourEurope, #1dTourSouthAmerica etc.

We created a bespoke, advanced AwesomeWall which would collate all of these videos into different buckets depending on the region. Participants were also asked to state in their comment which concert they would be at so we could further filter the posts to be shown whilst that Instagrammer was in the audience.

Next, a moderator could hand pick the best videos and download them ready for the boys to play during each of their gigs.

The results looked a little something like this...

Thanks to ROSEEEEG for posting this video.

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